eGPU performance?

Hi @jeff
We have just bought the same bundle as you today. Could you share some Rhino 6 testmaxspeed results with and without the eGPU? I cannot see such a difference here on our models.


Hi @petumatr,

I can certainly run some tests here… but first I would like to confirm that you’re actually using the eGPU correctly.

How are you testing with and without the eGPU? Are you just turning it on and off?

You need to make sure that you enable Rhino to use the eGPU, which can only be done when the eGPU is turned on.

  1. Turn on the eGPU and let it boot up.
  2. Locate your (usually in your Applications folder) and right-click on it and select “Get Info”.
  3. In the Get Info dialog you should now see a checkbox labeled “Prefer the eGPU device”…

Note: The checkbox will only show up when the eGPU is on and running.

  1. You need CHECK that option to enable the eGPU and UNCHECK it to disable it.

Note: You need to make sure the above steps are done before and without Rhino running.

  1. Start Rhino

You can also confirm which GPU Rhino is using by running Rhino’s “SystemInfo” command … So before you run any tests, I would confirm that Rhino is using the GPU you think it is or should be.

Are you doing all of the above?


Also @petumatr,

When you say you have the same “bundle”, are you referring to both the eGPU box and video card? In other words, are you using the AMD 9100 Wx Pro? If not, which video card are you using, and which GPU is your built-in GPU inside your Mac?


Hi @Jeff,
thanks for your reply!

Let’s begin:
Yes, we bought the same bundle (AMD 9100 WX Pro + Sonnet box 650W) with one exception. Instead of 650W box we have 550W, because 650s were sold out. Our computer guy said it will run without problems and it really does (twinmotion), at least I can see the eGPU is in use in GPU history bar.

I basically performed all the steps mentioned above to make sure that eGPU is up and running, I just found out that even though the box for eGPU in get info is checked, this needs to be unchecked and checked again.

I executed some testmaxspeed on a simple 100 sphere file and noticed 2,5 more FPS in render display view. Anyway, I was not sure if we could achieve even more with the more powerful sonnet box…I also guess the performance will vary depending on the display view.

Anyway, do you have any general observation, how much more can you squeeze out of it?

Here is my systeminfo:system info.txt (6.4 KB)


edit: and just a note - have just tried our model which we are working on both in V6 and V5 and the difference is massive. Despite the eGPU pluged in - testmaxspeed in shaded display view
V6 - 23 sec
V5 - 3.4 sec
But this I think has nothing to do with eGPU…

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Hey @petumatr,

Well, that certainly doesn’t sound right given the simple test you mentioned. (Note: speed tests and benchmark results can and will vary based on the content being rendered)… But having said that, if I create a 100 sphere scene here in Rendered mode… looks like this…

Using Rhino Version 6 (6.26.20094.16052, 2020-04-03) :

TestMaxSpeed without the eGPU yields 6.5fps (AMD Radeon Pro 580)

TestMaxSpeed WITH the eGPU yields 20fps (AMD 9100 Wx Pro)

So given that simple test, I’m seeing about a 3x performance increase.

And when I use a more complicated scene, with textures, decals, and reflective materials, I usually see about 2x - 2.5x increase in performance.

It seems like something isn’t working correctly on your setup, but at the moment, I have no idea what that would be.


Can I get the model? I’d like to see what happens here with it…


Also, are your display modes (Shaded and Rendered) set to their default values, or have you tweaked them in any way? Comparing Shaded modes between V5 and V6 should yield similar results (if the settings are at their default)…but comparing Rendered mode between V5 and V6 is invalid (apples to oranges type of thing)… I know you have not said that’s what you’ve done…I’m just making sure it’s clear.


Hi Jeff, thanks for reply. I am not on the eGPU right now, since we share it in the office. I see a slight performance improvement, and my colleague has just confirmed some faster times in raytrace mode as well. Anyway, I sent you a pm with the model I am experiencing the performance issues. Though it is basically all, when comparing V5 and V6. I made sure that shaded display mode is set to defatult.


I would like to use cycle in raytraced mode on my intel MacBook Pro. Would this be possible with an eGPU on the OS X?
Would like to try this before buying a windows laptop.
Just in case, is it still the case that Windows and boot camp are not compatible with an eGPU?