EditPythonSript command forces Rhino to crash

Hi network,
Since today, my Rhino keeps on crashing whenever I run the EditPythonScript command. I have tried to follow some discussions on this forum and on other networks but I have still not found a solution. Has anyone experienced, and resolved, the issue?

Hi Fabio - has this ever worked for you, or is this the only result you’ve had from EditPythonScript?


Hi Pascal, thanks for the reply.
The EditPythonScript has always worked and I have used it for scripting until few days ago. The crashing issue has been happening since yesterday and I have no idea what can possibly be the cause. F.

Hi Fabio - what version of Windows are you using? I ask because the ‘Creators’ update has caused a few problems here and there and it has come out in the last few days… did you update?


Hi Pascal - my laptop runs on Win10 and I have not yet updated on WinCreators.

Is it possible that you installed IronPython on your computer? This article may help

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That is great Steve! It worked!
I have uninstalled IronPython and re-install through folder decompression instead of using the .msi installer as suggested in the post you sent. Now EditPythonScript command is executed(and working) and Rhino is not crashing any longer!
Thanks a million! -Fabio

Hi! I have the same problem, I also uninstalled Iron Python, re-install through folder decompression, but the EditPythonScript command is still not working. Any suggestions?

Hello - it might be good to re-install Rhino, or Repair the installation from the Windows control panel.


Does EditPythonScript crash after you uninstall IronPython and BEFORE re-installing through folder decompression?