Editing Camera and Target paths

Hi All,
I am brand new to Bongo, but have plenty of experience using 3Ds Max.
Is it possible to edit the “Nodes” on the camera and target paths ?
I created a viewport animation using a 3D mouse, I would now like to tweek the paths at various points.


I assume you mean the paths that are revealed when the checkboxes ‘Show camera path’ and ‘Show target path’ are marked?
These curves cannot be edited using ‘nodes’, no.

When Rhino curves are used to govern the camera using the ‘Camera to path’ View constraint (and/or eventually curves to assign the target in a ‘Target to path’ View constraint)
then those paths can be edited by every curve tool Rhino offers.

CameraPath.3dm (43.0 KB)

Tip 1. Use Rhino’s Camera command to observe the moves of the camera widget.
Tip 2 The curve and point can be hidden once the animation is rendered.


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