Edit Named CPlane numerically

It would be great if the NamedCplane menu showed and let you edit their coordinates. “Cplane” command lets you change them, but is limited to some extent. For example I couldn’t find a way to set only current Y value of a Named CPlane.

Hi Daniel -

Which options would you expect here? Set Origin, Set X, and Set Y?

Hi Daniel - you can always set the CPlane origin using the same input as any point input , including relative and world coordinates- is that what you mean?


I think X, Y and Z values plus rotation (e.g. pitch, roll, yaw) would be useful.

Thanks, what I couldn’t do is to set individual components of named cplanes. Sometimes you want to change only Y value and keep everything else as is

Hi Daniel - try
CPlane R0,10,0

CPlane RW0,10,0


CPlane .y pause 0

Any of that help?


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Thank you, that works! Exactly what I was looking for. Can you please explain what those mean? I guess R stands for relative? How RW differs? Do these prefixes work with other commands as well? Is it documented anywhere by any chance already?

Hi Daniel - see



Pascal is right - read manual first, ask questions later.

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Hello- that is not what I said. I was pointing the user at information he would find helpful.