Edit linked block in Place

Is there a way of editing a linked block inplace?
When you try to edit a linked block a new instance of Rhino is opened. Although sometimes this may be conveniente, in other situations you may need the context for your changes.
Ideally, you should be able to edit the block as if it would be an embedded block.



+1 it would be really really useful

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I’m a bit confused this is still not possible. Even AutoCad has edit-in-place for linked files. It is very hard to edit the linked files when it needs to reference other files. Is this not possible?

This would be very useful, for example, to be able to access snaps to other objects outside the block. :crossed_fingers:

Hello- would you then expect the changes you make to be saved back to the linked file?

RH-82630 Edit linked blocks in place

Note this is very, very unliklely to be implemented anytime soon, if ever.


Yes, that’s the idea.

Thing is, Autocad can open multiple files in one instance, and Rhino just one. That’s why another instance has to be opened.
Anyway, +1 to the wish!

A suggestion:
It is now necessary to fully close the block editing Rhino instance to finish the block editing. Would it be possible to finish block editing by just saving the file, instead of closing?
The time consuming part is waiting for another Rhino to start.
Also, maybe any empty, open Rhino instance that sits around idle could be used for editing the linked block?
I could live with the fact that a second Rhino instance is necessary, if it were just faster. Keeping a second Rhino with an empty scene in the background, just for block editing, could speed things up.


At least solve the issue that happens when you edit the linked block. see linked topic.