Wish: edit linked block with additional options


it could be great if the user try to edit a linked block that he get additional options shown:

  • change block state to “embedded”
  • edit block in the current session (with save to the disk finally)



Hi Micha - I am not sure what you mean by the second point - is it edit the linked block in the current file and then write the changes out to modify the linked file? If I got that right, I suppose it would take the place of the current behavior, right?


I would like to edit the block without a new Rhino task is automatic opened. I miss the edit done in the current file. “Edit in place” could be a name for this function. (It need a quite long time to open a new Rhino task here, maybe 30s)

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I would really love to see this implemented as well. Surprised there so little mention of it :slight_smile:
Optimal would be something like SolidWorks, where you would be able to choose between a true edit in place, and opening the linked block in another instance of Rhino.

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+1 great idea would be really helpful

also mentioned here: Edit linked block in Place - #2 by Daniel_Krajnik