Edit a component script

Hi guys,
It’s my first time with VB script so I wanted to ask if it is possible to start from a grasshopper component and edit on it?
I’m trying to change the script of the “Extend curve” component. If anyone has any idea where I can find the script to “Extend curve” I would be very grateful.
Thank you in advance

Nope, GHA components are compiled into MSIL (maybe from VB, maybe from C#, maybe from some other IL-compatible language) and you do not have access to the code any more.

Even if you had though, it is likely that the code needs to be slightly different between script components and compiled components. Not necessarily so, but sometimes. Script components use DataTree(Of T), compiled components use GH_Structure(Of T As IGH_Goo). Also compiled components can opt to work with IGH_Goo or derived types themselves, whereas script components always work only on the encapsulated types.