Accessing python script from specific grasshopper component?

is it possible to access python script for specific grasshopper component ?

for example python script of ( linear array component )

Sorry, the source code of most component is not open-source. @DavidRutten thought about publishing it, but right now it’s not. Most component are also written in C# or Vb.Net, not in Python. However, all of GH could be rewritten in IronPython, but it would be a tremendous effort!

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currently i am learning python to become a programmer in grasshopper ( i just passed out in architecture )

so to utilize the full power of grasshopper do i need to do c# or

Any .NET language should do. I have done some work with F#, but C#, VB.NET, probably even Boo, Lua.NET and the likes will all work as long as you can compile to a DLL (and rename its extension to .gha).

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If you are planning to develop “proper” compiled .gha/.dll plugins at some point, have a look a Long’s video tutorial series here and Petras’ notes here.