Edge softening - sorry for the rant, but

Why on Charles Darwin’s green Earth is it, that Rhino STILL insists on recalculating the edge softening for every single piece of geometry in a file when you perform operations that have NOTHING to do with the “afflicted” geometry??? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Copy/paste a curve… Yea, let’s recalculate the ALL edge softening!!! It makes the feature close to unusable on anything more complicated than a toothbrush :exploding_head:
…Rant over… I fell better now… At least for a while…

I just wanted to add that edge softening between Rhino 5 and 7 has become noticably worse.
In Rhino 5 the mesh quality is not the best, but at least it is usable.
In Rhino 7 it is just predictably locks up my computer.

Ive seen stuff similar to this with displacement. Copy and paste something in, restart displacement.