Edge from mesh object

I’m trying to extract a curve from a mesh object. Essentially the same situation as extract an isocurve from a surface. Can anyone please offer any guidance?

Hello - DupMeshEdge is what I think you are after.


Yes, except not an edge. More like 15mm from an edge. Unless it’s an edge, I can’t select it. So, that didn’t work.

Ah - well, you’re out of luck, I’m afraid, or you’ll need to jump through some hoops - meshes only have edges, no ‘internal’ information like a surface. That is the nature of the thing. If you post an example, someone might be able to find the right hoops to jump through.


Insert Edge gets tantalizingly close. Then Select Edge>From Loop. It highlights the polyline I want, but then won’t do anything with it.

This is the edge I’m looking to make a curve out of.

Hello - Insert the edge, then use DupMeshEdge, copy the result to the clipboard, Undo the InsertEdge then Paste…?


Insert the edge just isn’t working. It just doesn’t result in anything. Maybe I’m doing something majorly wrong? Mesh>Insert Edge (I select edge from loop. Loop. Full) Press enter when done (Enter). Edge Positioning>Select point or give amount. I go to select a point and it just goes away.

Use ExtractConnectedMeshFaces command to split the mesh along the sharp edge, then use DupMeshEdge command.

If the ExtractConnectedMeshFaces command does not work well, try ExtractMeshFacesByDraftAngle command.

ExtractedMeshFacesByDraftAngle worked reasonably well. Thanks.

You know what I ended up doing was selecting the polygons that made up an edge in blender and exporting as an .obj into Rhino. That worked well enough, but it was tedious.