I have a mesh. I want the curve that goes along the edge of the mesh. With Surfaces I use DupEdge. I’ve tried DupMeshEdge - but this either only gives me the edge of one of the triangles of the mesh.

Is what I want to do possible?

You should be able to vary the angle on DupMeshEdge to get what you want…

DupBorder can extract the outer borders of a mesh. Otherwise you can also use ExtractMeshFaces and play with the angle settings to get your edges… --Mitch

Thanks for your help Mitch.
I have tried these but am still failing.
This is a link to a picture of a section of the mesh. I am trying to get the edge to the left and the right. What would you suggest I do with the angle to make it work? mesh picture

Hi hanparker- Try Weld on the mesh at 90 degrees - does that let DupEdge work as you expect?


Hi Pascal,

Thanks for your suggestion. I tried it - but I expect I am doing it wrong. If I do Weld>Select mesh>90 then DupEdge and select mesh - it requires me to select every single mesh face edge along the mesh. The Mesh is made up of 20cm triangles and is a 5k circuit - so I don’t fancy selecting every single triangle edge. What am I getting wrong with the Weld?



Hannah, can you please post the mesh or send it to me?



I have just messaged you a link. Thank you.