Extract curve from mesh


I am trying to extract an outline curve from a complex mesh – so far I am working with duplicatemeshedge … but the result ist not entirely satisfactory. This is my mesh and the edge I want to isolate:

But what I get is a bunch of curves, and the outline curve I am after isn’t even continuous and requires a lot of clean up:

It is for a casting form like this:

Any idea how this could be done quicker is highly appreciated!

Cheers - Jan

would be good to have your file, but when you are lucky and the edge is the most outer looking at it orthogonally from the front you could use MeshOutline which will give you the most outer edge.

I tried that, didn’t work unfortunately - the line I need is only partially on the outline, and anyway, the resulting curve is two dimensional. I attach the file. But thanks anyway!

mesh-outline.3dm (8.4 MB)

Something is funny about this mesh… does not behave as I’d expect …