Earthquake Relief - Turkey

Dear Rhino Community,

I’m Mustafa from Rhinocenter. We are one of the Rhino Resellers based in Turkey.

We were discussing with McNeel Europe, if we (as Rhinocenter) should ask from the community to help people affected by the hit of 2 very big earthquakes.

We have created an explanatory web page (Article) about this disaster and its effects which I assume most of you saw through many channels.

Although there are many organizations and states involved in sending help (which happened very quickly by the way) which are mostly the materials needed in very short term (like water, food, clothes, shelter etc.) stil people need a lot more.

We have been searching for an institution that would help people to overcome the mid-term and long-term effects of the earthquake so they can adapt social life quickly. For this matter, we got in touch with Nirengi Association, a group of psychiatrists who are specialized in helping earthquake victims.

Our humble request from you is to give support (if you can) through the donation page of the Nirengi Association, which is an accredited organization. Even cents will mean a lot in the end.

I hope this message would be a passage and people could get the help needed to overcome this.

Thank you all for reading and thanks in advance for your help.

All the best


Another Trustworthy Organization for the Donations:


Thanks Mustafa, There are a lot of people who want to help but are hesitant on which organization to choose. I would like to add the Norwegian Refugee Council. They were already active in the area already and are specialists in helping displaced peoples.