Early Access Weviz for Rhino Community

Hi guys!

We’ve been building a game changing 3D design review software (Weviz) compatible with Rhino, and we are now ready to do an early access session.

I think that it would be great to get some of you onboard (it will be free) to get your feedbacks & suggestions on the final product!

If you want, you can onboard yourself (https://weviz.com/early-access/design-team), or I can invite you (and your team if you want) myself!

Have a wonderful day! :slight_smile:


Hello William,

Cool !

Could you please send me 3 invites for the early access (me + 2 colleagues) - paullebas.perso@gmail.com

Thanks !

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Thank you for your message! I have onboarded you and your two contacts for the early access! :slight_smile:


Hi William, me and my design team, we would like to try it. Could you register me and 4 of my colleagues on : rsalendro@ferrero.com.



Hello Raphael,

I registered your account & sent you an email for the 4 more invitations to the early access.

I hope that you will have a great time on our new software!

Nice, i requested early access. Is this built on unreal? Thanks.

Hello Rickson, glad to see you onboard! Yes you are right, we use unreal engine! If you need more invitations for the early access, tell me here.

Hello everybody,

We’ve just released the teaser for this Early Access! You can access it here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UF9U1I2n1Fw

Hope to see you soon at this early access session! If you are not registered yet, you can do it right there : weviz.com/early-access

Best regards,


Hi William,

I do primarily marine (yacht) design and have been using Twin Motion for about 6 months now and am trying to learn Unreal Engine. I would like to join the early access you offer here and really like the features I just saw on the trailer.

Jody Culbert


Just thought I would post one of my Rhino models rendered with Twin Motion and wonder just how similar implementation in Weviz would be. Unreal Engine is rather daunting to me but TM is pretty quick to pick up. Hopefully Weviz even more so! Look forward to joining the Early Access gang here.

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Hello Jody!

Thank you for your message, I registered your email for the coming early access! :slight_smile:

We will be looking for your feedbacks during the session on our forum

Nice work by the way, your yacht looks great!



Thanks William!

I am looking forward to seeing what is in store with Weviz.

Here is some older work (2010) that I did in T-Splines and just posted to Kyle and his Sub-D challenge thread. One of my favorites with an environment that lends itself well to boats on the water. Water for yacht designs is always one of the most crucial challenges.

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Hey Joseph!

Your old design still looks stunning! Yes our team worked a lot to create our water environment (you can see it on the teaser by the way)!

Hi guys, we are working on a “how to track bugs during the early access” video, I will keep you posted as soon as it is ready for you!

G’day @william3 ,

I have received the early access email but the download stalls. Is your server struggling and/or should I try again later?


Hi Nick,

I’ve looked just now and it seems that problem is solved. Could you try again from your side?



Hello @Joseph_Culbert! Did you manage to try the software for your marine projects?

Hi guys,

We are really proud to see that a lot of Rhino users joined the early access! I am now looking for your feedbacks on Weviz Studio! Tell me there, or at marketing@weviz.com :slight_smile:

In case you didn’t join the early access yet, you have still a few days to try the first version of Weviz Studio!

Thank you all,