DXF File for CNC Machine

Hello, everyone

I´m drawing a file to cut in a CNC machine. When I import the file, the machine recognize it but does not start the cutting process, Which are the correct parameters in order to make it run in the machine?

Attached the rhino drawing and the dxf file.


Longitudinal.dxf (161 KB)
Longitudinal.3dm (39.5 KB)

Is the intention to be a closed profile?

Any reason these are arcs? The dxf is coming in as a 3D polyline, can your CNC software handle that? A simple closed 2D polyline is probably desired.

Yes, the intention is to be a closed profile. Once I experimented the problem tried the convert (arcs) command in order to test other possibilities for the machine but we continue presenting the problem. Could be a better option to convert all the lines to polylines?

Hello - your example is an open curve - SelOpenCrv will help locate these and ShowEnds will help locate the gap or overlap. The curve is also not planar, which may be as big a problem I suppose.

Front view:

Use SetPt (World Z only) or ProjectToCPlaneto sort that out if it is not what you intend.