Dxf export settings

Can someone please confirm these are the default curves settings for 2004 natural dxf export, particularly the chord height. I usually use custom settings and leave the defaults original but maybe I’ve unintentionally changed these at some stage.

Please don’t assume these are optimized settings. They are not.
They are mostly place holders. It was always our intent that users would modify these settings or make new named schemes that fit their specific needs.
The Chord Height setting is current drawing unit based. so ).1 could me millimeters, inches, feet, meters, etc.

Treat the schemes just as named place holders.

OK thanks John, my mistake, I let some files go for CNC cutting using the 2004 Natural settings without ticking the Chord Height option - caused all sorts of on-going grief, but I’m curious to know if the resulting 6mm discrepancy shown in the image is what we should expect from the above dxf export settings with an absolute tolerance of 0.001mm in the file, or is something else at play here?

I would need your Rhino curve and DXF export settings you used to test it, but you can do it yourself. After you export a curve, then turn around and import it.
Then use the CrvDeviation command to compare them.

I would also suggest using Convert (to Arcs) first before exporting to DXF since G-Code only supports lines and arcs. Set the Angle tolerance to 0 when converting your NURBS curves and use the Tolerance command line setting to keep the new polycurve within manufacturing accuracy needs.

Converting to arcs has yielded a perfect result and is well within tolerance, thank you for that advice. Also noted that a straight line within the polycurve, remains a straight line after the arc conversion, obvious really, but good to know.