Duplicate Nested Folders in Layer Window

My template file has several folders and subfolders for object construction. Is there an easy way to duplicate this folder structure when I add new layers? (i.e., copy/paste the root folder “Layer 01”, etc., and have the subfolders duplicate as well? Thank you.

Hello - not yet on V5 for Mac - V6, yes, if I understand the question. Layer context menu with the parent layer selected > Duplicate layer.

Is that what you mean?


Thanks Pascal - Actually I don’t want to duplicate the objects on the layers. I’d like to duplicate the nested empty folders “Layer 01 - Solids - Wires - Const - Hidden” with a single copy/paste or duplicate option. For each of my objects, I create a new folder structure with the same sub folders to break up complex objects and isolate their construction elements. Right now I have to add a new layer plus 4 sub folders manually for each new object. I’d like to do that in one copy/paste/duplicate action if possible. Does that make sense? Many thanks!

Hello - with the system I described above, if you select a parent layer and choose ‘Duplicate layer’ Rhino will ask if you want to duplicate the sub layers as well. If yes, you get them all, albeit with the parent having ‘copy’ appended to the name. Is that it, or are you transferring between two open files?


Thank you Pascal, I’ll try it in v6 when the pallet location problem posted earlier is fixed. It sounds like what you’re describing will do what I’m looking for. (I’m limiting myself to v5 because launching v6 messes up my pallet locations.) Many thanks!