Duplicate, identical geometry Revit to Rhino

Sending geometry from Revit into Rhino, everything comes across six times…

Script_Revit to Rhino.gh (15.6 KB)

‘Query View Elements’ will return you duplicates on different branches, one for each view.

An easy fix to this would be flatten the output and use ‘Create Set’ component to obtain a list of unique elements, before using ‘Geometry Cache’.

An other solution would be query elements in one view only.

I use Active Graphical View and Query View Elements combination. Filter the stuff I want to send in Revit view first, then send it using Grasshopper.

Active Graphical View works

How do you flatten output? Learning grasshopper here

Hi Thomas, You can use the Flatten Component or Right click on the input and there is a Flatten option.

I have a guide here that may help: Revit to Rhino Guide

I pull from a single view. I recommend creating a special view just for the pull. This way you can create a view configuration that does not change when working on the model. The view will save the configuration, phase and all the important properties.

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