Dupborder command

Is anyone else have trouble with the duplicate border command on a ploysurfaces? Seems to work on surfaces but not polysurfaces

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Works for me.

Is the polysurface closed, like the surface of a solid? If so there are no border curves/lines to duplicate. Border curves/lines are naked edges.

You can check for naked edges with ShowEdges.

Compare the results of DupBorder with DupFaceBorder and DupEdge.

Huh still doesn’t work for me. Could you try this file. It’s closed polysurface.

Sorry just re-read your post. I see now dupborder doesn’t work on closed polysurface.

Here is how I would have thought it worked.

DupEdge- Duplicates selected edges surface or selected edge within a polysurface

DupFaceBorder-Would duplicated all edges of selected surface or selected surface within a polysurface.

DupBorder- Would duplicated all edges of (naked or not) of a surface or polysurface.

Maybe all edges should be an option?

Even the help file doesn’t stipulate that it’s just the naked edges on polysurfaces.

you can just drag a window around the complete object with dupedge, same result,…

Yes I know but sometimes if I there is a bunch of stuff overlapping it’s just easier to pick the polysurface instead of trying to isolate a view were I don’t get edges I don’t want from other surfaces.

will be a combination of dupedge and intersectcrv then, and a headache, yep, lots of headaches,…

If you turn your isocurve display off, you might use ! _ExtractWireframe to duplicate all borders, joined or naked. Eg. using a button macro:

! _Select _Pause _-Properties _Object _ShowIsocurves _No _EnterEnd _ExtractWireframe 


Yeah that will work. Thanks

I shall fix that. Thanks.