Many problems with file... I guess Rhino is not meant to be used as a full-CAD program

I’m working on creating a set of working drawings (plans, elevations, sections, details) from a model I’ve developed in Rhino. I’ve created multiple layouts and in those layouts, I use views and generate my given view using clipping plans within the model. I have 15 layouts (sheets) and I don’t even know where to begin with regards to the problems, but to list a few:
dim* ensions suddenly quit working

  • hidden detail layers turn on and I have to go through all the detail views (like 30) and turn them off again EACH TIME I start the program. This one alone may drive me to jump off the tallest building I can find.
  • arctic views suddenly turn to simple lines when trying to print (random)
  • make2d working only when it feels like
  • hideindetail only working when it feels like
    I can probably go on but I’ve been at this drawing for 12 hours and can’t stand this anymore.

Can someone relate? Any solutions other than to use RHino as a 2d program??? I really like the 3d capabilities but come on…

Hi Peter - am not aware, myself, of known, sort of general or ‘global’ problems such as you describe… Can you please send the file via to my attention, and add a link to this topic in your comments… we’ll see if we can reproduce the problems.


Its actually way better than a “full-Cad program”, if you talking autosad or revit.

hidden detail layers turn on. Are these on worksession linked files? those don’t retain visibility changes (see linked/referenced option instead)

oK will do

No, I dont have any referenced/linked files to this file file.

Thanks to PeterB, the dimension stopping working issue was easy to duplicate with his file.
If you are experiencing this issue, and you are working with one of the service release WIPs, you will need to go back to sr18 for now.

Here is the link to sr18.
If you are running the sr19 release candidate that seems to work as well.
I will let you know when I test the fix in Sr20 trunk build.
Right now, if you use dimensions in Rhino, I would avoid it until we know this is fixed.

I have been doing a lot of dimensioning in model space with a current projects, so I was not aware of this.

Let me know if the sr18 get your all back to work. I logged RH-55260 and assigned with highest priority. Hope it will get fixed before the next public service release.

I am really sorry for all the frustration and hope to chip away at each of your issues.
Mary Ann Fugier

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Thanks Mary. WIll be uninstalling Rhino now. Guessing I have to export/save all my settings and set it up from scratch once again?


Hi Peter,
I did not have to, so I think you will be ok.
I uninstalled Sr20, installed sr18, upgraded to sr19, and upgraded to sr20 again.

I did not loose any of my custom settings.
It actually takes some work to do a clean install.

In Rhino 6, user preferences are stored in XML files in the C:\Users in the McNeel -> Settings folder,
These do not get deleted automatically. If you want a “clean” install, you would need to manually delete the Rhino xml settings files. It recreates them with “factory” defaults if they are not found when Rhino opens.

Let me know how you do.
Mary Ann Fugier

Managed to uninstall sr20 and install sr18. Will let you know how it goes as I work. Thank you.

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So far after about 4 hours into using sr18, Im not getting the dimensioning problems.

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