Drawing symbols


is there a way to insert drawing symbols such as depth, counterbore & countersink when using the drafting tools


Make a library of your symbols, then use Insert to add them to your layout.

Seems simple, did I miss the point?

Sorry maybe I was unclear. I wish to use the drawing symbol when I dimension, for example Ø6.5 depth 4.5, where depth is the correct geometric symbol (a down pointing arrow and line)

Hi Richie, It seems that I have exactly the same question. I need to find how to use in the same way as text the toleransing symbols (+/-) but one above the other, as well as the other drafting symbols diameter, angle, depth, concentricity,…etc.
Did you get any answer? or did you find any solution?

@pascal, could we request that the text creation box have buttons for a few widely used symbols: ⌀ ± ° etc.? I have an illustration program (not Illustrator) which does that.


As of this morning I have not had an answer or found a solution :frowning:


Copy+Paste from Character Map? I know, it’s 2015…

or Alt+Codes

Also, see this: