Drawing a Degree 3 Curve with a Cusp

Years ago, when I did the original McNeel Rhino tutorials (probably version 4) there was a brief bit of the tutorial on curve drawing. One part of it described how you could use the regular Curve command, but create a cusp (sharp corner) in the curve without stopping and starting again. I believe it involved clicking 3 points in the exact same spot, possibly with ortho on! I’ve tried to replicate this years later but I can’t seem to do it.

Anyone remember this or know this technique?!

Obviously I can stop the command and just snap to the previous endpoint and continue and get a cusp. But I’m trying to remember that way without doing that.


Hi Mark - HandleCurve will make ‘illustrator’ style curves with kinks at the points you place. The kinks are ‘potential’ as made but if you later move the control point there, is will have a corner.
Use InsertKink to add one of these after the fact.

Any of that help?


Yup, those two methods can insert a kink.