Draw line from fixed point to point with fixed X and typed Y (Alias)?


My challenge is to write an alias to draw a line from 0,0 to fixed X=0 and typed Y coordinate. The Alias is part of a more complex Alias, but I extracted the tricky part for simplicity’s sake. Here’s what I’ve tried:

! _Line 0,0 10, _Pause

! _Line 0,0 10,

However, none of them work!?

Simple macro! _Line 0,0 10,20 works, but I like to have control over the second Y coordinate (input by myself). How to write it?

Can you help me out?

Thank you in advance

Something like the following works, but unfortunately I also had to specify the Z coordinate.

! _Line 0 .x 0 .y _Pause .z 0

Wait, this actually does allow one to type in a Y and a Z coordinate:

! _Line 0 .x 0 .y _Pause .z _Pause

Wow, nice trick:).

Thank you Helvetosaur