"Draw Frame Around Text" printing as black box

Just wondering if anybody else was having this issue where printing text or leaders with the “Draw Frame Around Text” enabled (new feature for Rhino 7). All of my text is being masked by a black box when selecting Vector as the output type.


This was fixed for V7 SR3:

You can work-around it by using Raster output.

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Has V7 SR3 shipped yet? I am still having this issue when printing manually to either RhinoPDF or Adobe PDF. It does not happen when I print with Python using “Rhino.FileIO.FilePdf.Create()” however.

The current download is 7.2
The current Service Release Candidate is 7.3

Thank you.

And just to update the information I previously stated for anyone else having this issue

  • The print preview box has the text blacked out for print to Adobe or Rhino PDF
  • Printing to AdobePDF the text is blacked out
  • Printing to RhinoPDF works, but the left edge of the text box disappears.
  • Printing using the “Rhino.FileIO.FilePdf.Create()” command from Python has no issues…