Bug V7 - Text frame left line is not exported in PDF


There is a bug. Text with a frame is not correctly exported to PDF. (using Rhino pdf driver)

Please post an example file with the specifics.

lalala.3dm (26.2 KB) Untitled.pdf (20.4 KB)

It’s working fine for me.
lalala.pdf (141.4 KB)

I printed using the Rhino PDF driver, Raster, and used a Window to show what I wanted to print.

What are your specific Print details?
Do you see the border in the Print Preview?

Raster is never used for drawings export to pdf. Try same driver with vector option please.

You need to use Raster with the outline or it fills in:


preview does not correspond to the actual export. it does not fill in just leaves out left line of the frame

Those are the specific details I needed to reproduce this that were not supplied originally.
That indicates 2 separate problems.

Blacked out preview:

Missing left edge:

hopefully this will be resolved quickly because my drawings look strange without all the left edges :slight_smile:

I have no idea how difficult these fixes will be.
The priority for developers currently is bug fixing.

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These two problems were relatively quick to fix.
I’ve just tested the fixes and they will be included in the V7 SR3 update.

Thanks for reporting them.

thank you. now i recalled there might be another issue check default paper sizes offered in roll down menu in print dialog i think A5 has wrong size defined. with rhino pdf driver…

Can you please start a new message thread and include all the details needed to repeat the problem?
It’s better not to hijack a thread even if it seems semi related.