Draw A Polygon To An Exact Size


Can someone please tell me how to draw a polygon tool to an actual size?

I want to draw it 27" wide. I am brand new to rhino but I have not figured out how to do this.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give

has several modes for polygon, circumscribed and one of them

At frs we should know what exactlyyou are asking for :

Scale 2D can be used to change the size.

The gumball can also be used to scale to a certain size. While pulling on a handle, type the size you want and then shift to scale uniformly. Let go the mouse. It takes a bit of practice but works really well.

Hello - you get to set the exact radius of the polygon but you need to specify if the size applies to a circle for an Inscribed polygon (blue) or a Circumscribed (green) one :



Thank you everyone for the replies. They are actually all correct! Thanks again for the help