Drag Drop merging files


Hello everyone
I updated to Rhino6 SR3,I found a problem with Grasshopper1.0.0005.When dragging a grasshopper file to the grasshopper panel.Grasshopper does not create new documents.

In Rhino6,Multiple grasshopper files will be in the same document.like this:

In Rhino5,Multiple grasshopper files will exist in different documents.like this

Is this a bug?

(Michael Pryor) #3

Maybe a change in default behavior? If you don’t know already though, in your first screenshot you will notice the corner peels over. Dragging there will let you decide to open new along with other options.

(David Rutten) #4

Hover over the pagecurl in the corner to switch between different drag-drop behaviours. You can also toggle behaviour by pressing the associated key while dragging, which I imagine is what you inadvertently did to get into this different state.


Thanks, I know how to solve this problem