Doubts with dividing surface :B

Hi everyone, I am new to GH. I was wondering about the tirangle mesh from lunchbox. I wanted to invert the grid so the there are horizontal lines dividing the diamonds shaped surfaces. Is this possible?

i made a sample for you to understand it better!


Have you tried diamond division component in lunchbox?

You can the triangulate diamond quads on each direction as you like.

Also this mesh plug in does triangulation as you like:

Hi, Petras_Vestartas. Thank you for your answer, I tried using the diamond subdivision but as I am new to the program I cannot figure out how to choose how to triangulate them ( I still have a lot to learn).

I will try this plugin and let you know if i managed to get the division right.

Thank you again!

Both versions attached are here.
If you are using Rhino 6. The Ngon version also lets you close the end of (20.7 KB) (23.3 KB)