Divide surface or object into triangles?

Hello everyone.

Is there a command or plug in to divide a surface into triangles or equal or near equal parameters?

Thanks in advance

Hi Ian - I would look into Grasshopper and/or PanelingTools for this.
A cheat might be to mesh the surface, and then TriangulateMesh or even ReduceMesh, which will triangulate, then use the mesh edges to split up the surface (ExtractWireframe), but I suspect you want more control than that.

Pascal, thanks
I was afraid that was going to be the answer. I have absolutely no idea how grasshopper works. If I have the object in rhino, how do I import it into grasshopper? Yeah I know the most basic question.
I found a grasshopper plug in that should work. Now I just have to figure out how to use it.

try quadremesh first, then run triangulate mesh, that may get you close without grasshopper.

if you want to try grasshopper,
you can get a pretty simple result.
(i suuuck at gh, and I was able to pull this off, which means ANNNNYONE can do it. )

see video


when Kyle Houchens says he sucks at GH that gives me hope for my own future :rofl:. I really must one day knuckle down and stop procrastinating when it comes to learning some GH :upside_down_face:

Please do so, and then teach me! :slight_smile:

It’s no secret GH been a huge looming elephant in my room of skills. I keep poking in to try stuff, but then run away scared.

I had zero experience or exposure to programming at CCS where I went to school, or in my 3 decades as pro designer, but the potential and sheer computing power available in GH to those who are willing to brave the process keeps me trying. Teeny tiny wins like this one are comically small in the scheme of what is possible.

But in this case, solving this problem with GH made me feel like this guy: