Double Rhino Forum Account

Greetings Rhino community,

I discovered (actually knew about this a long time ago) that i have two Rhinoceros Forum accounts, one in italian and one in english.
I can access to both of them with the same e-mail and password but in the english one i can’t modify the name or e-mail while in the italian one i can. I already contacted the italian assistence and asked him if he could delete my english account but he said that he can’t do more than cancel the italian one. I also realized that the Rhino 7 WIP is downloadable only from the english forum so i was thinking about keeping the english one and deleting the other one, but if i do so i wouldn’t be able to change the account info. Is there a way to change the account info in the english account so that i can use it instead of the italian one?

Thanks in advance

English Account:

Italian Account:

Hi Simone- I am not sure what you’d like to happen to the English account… keep, or delete?


Keep the english account

@stevebaer I am not sure what, if anything, I can do to help with this… do you have an idea?


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