Double curved surface/ shell

Hey there,

hope someone may help me. At the moment I`m trying to creat a shape like the Chaple Lomas from Felix Candela. I want to do it though the a form finding process with kangaroo or kangaroo 2.

In the attached file I crateted the shape wit grasshopper, but sturggeling with the form finding prozess.

Greatfull for any tips or tricks.


Bildschirmfoto 2021-12-09 um 08.59.55 (8.8 KB)

Hi @user1513

This chapel by Candela is a hyperbolic paraboloid and not something form found. You can generate a hyperbolic paraboloid as a 4 point NURBS surface. One advantage of this shape is that it is doubly ruled, so can be fabricated using straight lines.