Don´t know whats going on... Surface huge bug?

Hello all,

I really dont know how to explain my proble because i dont really know whats going on, so i will try to explain it…
This is strange issue is happening me in just one model. I have used Rhino 5 to model it, as i allways do. And when i finished it modelling i exported it to 3dmax and i discovered that what it thought it was a perfect surface, on reality it was a bunch of weird meshes! I am sure you will understand it better if i attach a few images where i explain step by step my problem…

1st. Here goes the windows of my building… This is just one layer that composes my model… Its just the glass i created extruding a rectangle. It seems ok, right?

2nd. I select just one glass to show you the proble that occurs in every object in the model… In rhino 5 i dont notice it unless i analyze it or open it in rhino 4 or 3dmax 2012 or 3dmax 2015. The glass seems perfect… a closed polysurface composed of 6 surfaces.

3d. Everything seems normal… but if i analyze the curvature (?) of this plane surface the weird stuff begins… Where did my plane surface went??? I just extruded a curve…

4th. Ok, dont panic, mayby its something wrong with the visualization parameters…Please show me the mesh wires…

5th. I dont really now whats going on and what is wrong. I dont know what to do. So i open grasshopper to check this issue… It confirms me what rhino jsut told me…

6th. And this how rhino 4 shows me the model… In 3d max is even stranger… I have never seen anything like that…

I would appreciate a lot any kind of help solving thi “issue”…

Thanks you very much in advanced,

Sorry i cant upload the whole glass layer file… 10Mb… i clean it and leave just a few objets…Surface problem just glass layer.3dm (943.8 KB)

I think you’re getting a rounding error.
You model is too far from the origin.
MAX doesn;t handle double precision meshes so they have to be much closer to 0,0.
1 - Move everything close to the origin.
2 - Run ClearAllMeshes
3 - Switch back to a Shaded display mode.
4 - Export again.
5 - Bpb’s your uncle

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Dear John,

I am writing you from Madrid, Spain. Right now it is 21.40h. I have been, more or less, with this issue since 12am… Thats more than 9 hours. I was quite desesperate and a bit depressed and very frustrated after a few days modelling.
Imagine how i was since i didnt know what to do… Until you answered me… in 8 lines… less lines than the hours i have spent trying to solve this. You really really cant imagine how much i apprecciate your help. Really: THANK YOU.

If you were here in Madrid i would galadly invite you a few beers!! :beers::beers::beers::beers::beers:


You’re very welcome.

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