Domains applied to rectangles

I’m trying to create a grid of windows, various widths by various heights, that all have a similar sub surface domain splitting the glass surface up. I’m able to get the domains created but having trouble applying them to nested lists of rectangles. Here’s my file…any help would be appreciated!

Thanks (15.0 KB)

This image shows the domains I would like to apply to the rectangles but when I hook up the domains and the rectangles to the subsurf component it doesn’t work…I’m probably missing some concept about how trees/paths work… any help would be appreciated!

You lose the rectangles base plane when you offset it, then is just a domain matching to generate trims per each surface. (23.7 KB)

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Great! Thanks! Still working on learning about tree and path management, so that was a great help. The tricky part for me was setting the retrieve branch to “RENUMBER” instead of “MAINTAIN”.

Thanks again!