Does Rotate in Gumball work backwards?

I keep entering numbers like 90 and -90 in the gumball rotation line and it goes the opposite direction of the Rotate command. Am I losing my mind?


Hi Don - the arrows on the gumball rotation control indicate the + direction. Does that make sense with what you are seeing? I can’t help you with your second point…


There are no arrows on the rotation controls? (Oh after you click on them…)

What determines the direction? They seem to be randomly different from one view to the next.

Hi Don - when you click on a rotation control, it should change to a dashed circle and show little arrowheads/triangles to indicate the + direction… like so:

You do not see that?


Hi Don + direction follows the right have rule ; + =counter clockwise looking down from the + end of the rotation axis- actually that is the same as Rotate.


Just as an example when I click on Gumball rotation in the front view, the arrows are pointing the opposite direction of how the Rotate command works. I think this is what caused the confusion, I never really paid attention to the arrows before. (i.e the arrows in the front view are going clockwise.)

Hi Don - well, it can get tricky if you look only at the CPlane, but if you base things on the gumball, it should work out as I say. If you are looking directly down one of the axes though, there is not an obvious way to tell without the arrows or help from another view of the gumball.