Does rhino use all available CPU and RAM power?

hi rhino family,

monitoring my cpu and ram data i discovered that rhino does not use all the available ram space and cpu power.
my windows 7 uses high performance preset with all 6 cores and 16GB ram. but rhino uses at maximum 2 GB ram and only sometimes a bit more than 30% cpu. is that intentional?

greets from gray germany

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RAM usage depends on how much memory your model needs at the moment. I’ve used up to 24GB, though I think I had a memory leak. You are using 64-bit Rhino?

Some operations in Rhino (like Reducemesh, and of course rendering) are fully multithreaded, but quite simply most of the stuff involved in interactive content creation is not readily parellelized, or at least there are other development priorities for those tools.

hi Jim,

thank you for your quick answer!!

yes i use a 64bit version. i am pretty sure that rhino could have had some more RAM usage because my model was very large with meshes, polysurfaces etc.
this was the reason why I wondered about the slow performance. for me as a PC user it was quite obvious that my PC offered rhino more cpu and space than rhino was using. why does it behave like this?


[quote=“lainelpoory, post:3, topic:5612, full:true”]why does it behave like this?

because basically 2 + 4 * 6 / 8 (4.5) doesn’t equal 2 + 6 * 4 / 8 (4)

you can’t just divide any calculation up and parallelize it… i don’t know of a single CAD app which uses multicores for the actual drawing side of things…

It’s not going to use up more RAM than it needs, a 16 GB model in memory would likely have thousands of surfaces and meshes and/or render meshes in the 10 million+ polygon count.

As I said, it’s not using all 6 cores all the time because it’s simply not possible to make absolutely everything Rhino does mulitithreaded. And once your model gets gigantic the CPU winds up spending more and more time just waiting to have data shuffled to it.

hi jeff,

oops. I didn’t know this. so there is actually no missbehaviour in rhino. think I expected too much because I don’t know the funktionality of the board system. I tried for example to create a polysurface by using a mesh with 20,000 triangles. though I was warned to get a crash, i confirmed and got one. ok. so i keep on working very careful and not expecting too much power out of my 16GB ram and the six core board. what a pity.

thank you for your answer. it made me humble :wink:

Please don’t convert 20K meshes into 20K trimmed surfaces. The only reason to try to do it is to then export it to SolidWorks or SolidEdge, and they will choke on it.

If I understand it right… when I get “just” a 6-7% CPU usage when trying to populate a BRep with 9*10E5 points, it means that GH is using just some (prob ably one) of the cores of the CPU?

Yes, looking at the detailed graphs in Task manager will show you that. The only tasks that are going to use multiple cores are the ones specifically set up to do so, it’s HARD, most problems don’t lend themselves to it at all.

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