Low CPU usage

I am using Grasshopper in Rhino 7 and almost every task is taking long time and the program often crashes. When opening Task Manager while Rhino/Grasshopper stucks, i can see that it never uses more than 10% of my CPU. Is it possible to make Rhino use the CPU to the fullest? thanks

It’s not. Most of what any content-creation task involves cannot easily be multithreaded. A small number of Rhino commands have this feature but it’s just here and there.

Multilpe-core CPUs have been around basically this entire Century. The fact that more cores don’t actually magically make anything faster that hasn’t been specificially created to use them–and that that is incredibly difficult where not impossible–should be standard computer knowledge by now.

When Rhino crashes, do you submit a crash report?

Are you able to repeat the crash? If so, can you share how you repeat it?

– Dale