Rhino and Grasshopper only uses up to 25% of CPU

Rhino 7 only seems to be using up to 25% of my CPU, it never goes above 25%.
I only use Rhino and GH together, never tried rendering or anything like that to check if it uses more.

I’m using Windows 11 with 6 processors and 32Gb of ram.
On Parallels in a Macbook Pro with M1 Max chip.

is there anything I can do to make it use everything and speed up GH?

People constantly ask why Rhino doesn’t use “100%” of their CPU, when as should be basic computer knowledge by now adding cores doesn’t magically speed anything up. Parallelization is very hard. Certain very narrow tasks can be, and some are, there will be more in the future, but in general “content creation” is a linear task. Do this, then that, then that.

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modeling-software runs mostly just in one thread, so I would take a look at this Single Thread Benchmark:

Some Grasshopper components support multi-threading and can use up to 100% CPU. You can recognise these by the small dots in the upper left corner of the component on the canvas. For more info, see below

is there a way to force GH components to work in parallel?
fo example, I got 2 python scripts that could be calculated at the same time, but right now it is running 1 and when that one is finished, it starts the other.

I have both of them inside a cluster, each takes around 3sec to compute and the cluster is taking around 7 secs.

Hi -

No. Grasshopper 2 will handle this differently.