Does Rhino support Multithreading? Threadripper 3970x uses only 1 Core of 32


I was curious as on how Rhino works with the new CPU mentioned in the title.

For a project, where I need a lot of ventilation holes I created a pattern with 9000 curves and extruded them (before having this CPU, I would have just created surfaces and use them as a map later on).

While it was performing the extrude operation, I switched to the task manager to see its performance and was astonished to see that only one core was processing the task. At least that’s how I understand the information.

Is that normal or would a certain setting make the other cores contribute to the computing?

It depends on the command.
Some commands in Rhino are multithreaded but not many, as modeling is a serial process.
You have to draw the box first,
then Fillet the corners,
Then whatever else.
You can’t fillet the corners before the Box is made.
Some processes like Rendering (generally) and Make2D are multi threaded and can be calculated in parallel processes.

Thanks for the feedback on this.
It was an extrude command, where I selected all curves at once and performed the operation.
Could this process be parallelized, it is basically the same operation but done several times?

As a next step, I booled all tubes from the bottom part to create the holes and also there only one core was doing all the job.

Well, on the pro side, I still can use the PC while Rhino is working in the background… :wink:

As I understand it, there is a trade off in performance.

There is time involved in splitting up the job for parallel processing and then combining the results when they are all through.

Not splitting up the job and doing the processing on one core does not have that added overhead.
Many times you are operating on too few objects to achieve any real time savings so multi-core processing would actually be slower.

Rendering is the big exception as the scene can be sliced up in to many pieces and processed at the same time.

Thanks for the further clarification.