Worksession: question and inconveniences

i just start working with Xrefs (worksessions) and like it a lot.
question: when closing a file containing xrefs i am askes to safe the worksession changes. i did so and a .rws file is generated. when reopening the 3dm, it does not contain may Xrefs and i have to reload the by attaching the worksession again. is this intentional? why? it seems unhandy to me.

another point that annoys me, is that the xref layers drop down to the end of the layer list after certain manipulations. to make them stay where i like them, i have to nest them into a layer. seems like a bug to me.

Hello - opening the .rws file and not any of the Rhino files, is the way to get your worksession back the way it was - the information is not stored in any of the Rhino files.

thanks pascal.
only thing, that does not work: as explained above, i have to nest the Xrefs into layers to keep their positions. when opening the .rws, the xrefs reside outside this layer and are sorted at the bottom of the list again.