Does "match" tell me when it fails?

Because if it does, I’ve missed it.

For example, if I do a tangency match on all four corners of a surface, and say one or two of them doesn’t actually achieve tangency… does the tool indicate this before I exit it?

no it doesn’t


what you can check though is when switching the refine option. If it increases the density, the result will not be matched when the option is ticked off. Other than that you will need to analyse with zebra / curvature tools to check for tangency. There are no similar tools for surfaces like the GCon for curves in Rhino unfortunately. @clement was working on something that could be used for this, not sure if it is going to be a plugin he will share or sell though

Hi @Gijs and @eobet,

i think in this case the tool mentioned by Gijs would not be usable as it requires to have already joined surfaces (it analyzes shared edges). So the trick with the Refine option is likely the best way to check if it is within tolerance before joining.


A way to deal with this, partly, I suppose, ‘going forward’ is to put a V7/WIP EdgeContinuity anlaysis on the pairs of edges you care about ahead of time - this will not update till the MatchSrf command ends, however.