Does anyone know how to model the RBC flow in the blood vessel?

I need help

Join Sir Lewis Hamilton who needs urgently some CFD on that W12 (Mercedes did it entirely wrong this time).

That said CFD is a rather big take for the GH/R combo. Usually simulations of that type are GPU based (not to mention the code part of the story: if you are familiar with C# search Internet > tons of indicative ways to cut the mustard).

But … well … you can over simplify things using K2. See attached (11.3 KB) SolidParticleCollide_V1.3dm (336.8 KB) (20.3 KB) .


Okay I’ll try

Thank you very much!

BTW: Create some proper solid (shown a TSpline thickened pipe - modified in places) , define a proper particle emitter (kind of cylinder) and define the Unary Force vector according, say, the axis mean tangent. Of course doing all that via C# could provide far more ways to play with (plus some sort of primitive animation).