CFD using Rhino mesh

Hi there,

Has anyone tried using rhino mesh in a cfd software like starccm? I want to create geometries using dendro plugin and do complex simulations with starccm. I know I can use quadremesh to create mesh in simulations. but is there any faster method? or if quadremesh is the only method, how can I add the prism layer into the mesh and can I use this mesh in starccm without any further processing? I would be happy to hear any ideas from experienced users.

Hi @Mertcan_Kaya , Realise this is an old post, so I’ll spare the details unless you want to pick it up again. I have used CFD on many Rhino surface meshes using robust geometry handling methods (immersed boundary and ghost methods) in the SimScale platform. But is this what you mean? or were you rather trying to create a 3D mesh in Rhino to use directly in simulation tools?


@dlynch Are you associated with SimScale?