Does Alias Auto studio comparable with Rhino at any point?

I’ve heard that Alias Auto Studio is able to model any freeform and also industrial objects with class A quality. Can Alias beat Rhino?

Alias is NURBS based, just like Rhino. It only has more interactive tools and controls as well as advanced surfacing functions that not everybody really needs. Many industrial design tasks can also be accomplished in Rhino no problem. I use both, depending on the project. It entirely depends on the type of product categories, client needs and project budgets what software to choose. In any reasonable industrial design studio, you will find several 3D softwares used because of that.

Software utility value is entirely in the eye of the beholder ; )


Rhino and Alias used to be based on the same NURBS function library.


I have recently come to learn Alias AutoStudio. When I comprise both, I find Alias more powerful than Rhino. You can sculpt while keeping the continuity.