Document Text in Annotation Dots

Is this something that can already be done? I’ve just tried it but to no avail.

e.g pasting %<documenttext(“MOULDMAKER”)>% into a Text Dot ‘Display Text’ field.

Enclose it in quotes.snap00

Edit: Oops…Just tried cut and paste with NO quotes and it works.

It seems like maybe the goal is to get the actual mouldmaker from the document text to be the displayed text, is that correct @Jonathan_Hutchinson1?



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That’s correct pascal - on my end this doesn’t appear to be the case, with the real-text being shown instead. Can I ask what you did differently? I’m on WIP 6.0.17276.9501

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Hi Jonathan - sorry, mine is only a mock-up to illustrate what I think you want - as far as I know you’ll need to use Text rather than Dot for this, I’m afraid. There’s no ‘fX’ on Dot.

No problem. I wondered if just pasting the real text would have the same effect. Might be a nice small feature to have, perhaps.

+1 here!
Would be a handy thing to have!