Rhino 6 help Rhinoceros Help displays web pages containing the word “Textures”…

…but Rhino 7 help Rhinoceros Help does NOT display web pages containing the word “Textures”.


“Textures” returned 133 result(s).


“Textures” returned 134 result(s).

edit…Chrome Version 89.0.4389.90 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I used 3 browsers: Chrome, Firefox, and Brave. Same result - no “Textures” in Rhino 7.

It still does not work. No matter what I type in, it hangs up. Rhino 6 version works fine: Rhinoceros Help

I see this too on three different browsers (FireFox Nightly, Chrome, Edge).

Logged: WWW-1396 Search in online help broken

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@andrew.nowicki for me this started working in the v7 docs. Is it still broken for you?

Rhino 7 documentation worked well half a day ago and it still works well.