Docking tool palettes



While using the Mac OS X Beta quite a while I’m getting more and more frustrated by the disability to dock e.g. the layer tool palette to the side of the Rhino application screen. Adobe implemented a feature to give any application a single frame. While using different Software side by side this helps to keep up the orientation on the Screens… =)

Will this be implemented by any chance or is this not scheduled so far ?


(Brian James) #2

Thanks for the feedback bumbum. I think @marlin has some tests for different UI methods under development. This stage of the project is imminent in my understanding so hopefully you’ll have some options for docking soon. Marlin, please correct me if I’m wrong.

(Marlin Prowell) #3

The main drawing window is getting reworked so that the various floating panels can instead in left and right side bars as part of the main window.

There are also Mac-only ways to get rid of some of the clutter of extra panels and tool palettes until the moment you need them. See


Looking forward to the reworked panels. They will improve my workflow with Rhino on Mac OSX a lot.

Thank you for the quick answers.

(Marlin Prowell) #5

I forgot to mention another reason for doing this is to enable Rhino to be a full screen app. Full screen apps work a lot better with multiple monitors in the upcoming Mavericks OS release.


it’s going to be interesting to see what you come up with @marlin

(but hey, it’s pretty important stuff so take your time… don’t let these other mcneel guys pressure you too hard :smile:)


It’s going to be interesting. If there is a wishlist: Please don’t take away that classic commandline. =)


Marlin I’m hipped to hear the UI is getting reworked here’s an idea: In adobe apps while you aren’t in framework mode and the panels are floating the palettes themselves form a framework like look, if you’d make the standard palette in Rhino separated from the main window it can form a very organized look without compromising the floating palettes flexibility. Here’s what I managed to create