Do I need to install IronPython (or Python 2.7) before properly installing the rhino-python package for Atom on macOS?

I keep getting an error when trying to install the rhino-python package for Atom ā€“ I currently do not have Python installed on this computer at all; is that the issue?

Thanks. This is my error log here:

Hi @jarombra,

The error messages are cut off on the right. Could I see the whole thing?

Iā€™m just guessing for now but do you have Xcode installed? If you launch it does it prompt you to agree to a license? If so accept, relaunch Atom and start again.

Another possibility: are you behind a firewall that could be blocking git requests to


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Got it! Thanks Alain ā€“ I had Xcode installed, but I guess had not opened it since; had to agree to the license as you mentioned.

Cool! Thanks again!