DNA sort of helix

First real thing I’ve made in grasshopper. Was happy with how I got to the spiral shape (vertical array of points that were rotated by an incremental amount of degrees.) I still want to take it further and have labelled base pairs randomly populate one side of the phosphate ribbon and have the matching (ACGT) base pairs automatically populate the other side.

This geometry would probably be quicker and easier to model elsewhere, but I’m finding I actually enjoy Grasshopper kind of like Lego: Building blocks with constraints and the fun is figuring out how to build something with it.

Rendered in Keyshot and finished in Afiinity Photo.


Good work man.

Eh - added the bases so that they randomly populate one side with ACGT and the other side gets automatically populated with the correctly matched base. Need to make the randomization a bit better…seems to be a lot of clustering.