Dividing the surface into primitive rectangles

Hi all. Please help me solve the following problem. There is a trim surface. I need to divide it into primitive rectangles to further build a fully rectangular mesh.
I would like to solve this problem with built-in components, but if it can not do without plugins, then let it be through plugins.
The numbering is an example of what I want to get. I present two variants of the final result, but I will be satisfied with the one I can get the fastest.

Dividing_surf.gh (4.5 KB)


Here is one idea but specific to your case (only vertical divisions).

Dividing_surf.gh (11.6 KB)

There are more complex solutions here.



Dividing_surf-b.gh (18.5 KB)

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Thank you, your solution is very compact and you can say what you need. I will try to understand how it works, because in general I understood that I needed to use control points, but I didn’t quite understand how it could be done.
The link to the other post is :exploding_head:, I’ll have to figure it out this weekend :grin:.

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Thank you very much. Thanks for the reply, much appreciated, I will consider your solution too.

I slightly modified your solution to my needs. Maybe if you have time you will find a way to simplify my script, if possible. I will shortly describe what I did:

  1. I ideally wanted to get rid of these lines (pic) - I didn’t need to divide the plate at this point. To do that, I first trimmed the lines along the surface boundary. Then I removed the lines that duplicate the contour of the surface itself. And at the end I filtered the endpoints to belong to the points of the surface itself.
  2. I needed to add a horizontal division as well - to do that, I corrected part of your script

    Dividing_surf-my.gh (18.5 KB)
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