Dividing surfaces, each in different numbers


I’ve got a number of surfaces and want to divide only those whose width is over 2000.

I have succeeded in dividing all of the surfaces into an equal number.


But don’t have a clue how to make “surfaces which has a width smaller than 2000” to stop dividing.

thought of Loop component in anemone pack. But just can’t make it happen.

Need help :melting_face:

ghquestion_stop dividing.gh (20.3 KB)

you already know in advance the lengths of your curves, so despite a loop would for sure solve the problem, you can determine in advance how many divisions are needed

if you integer divide the total lengths by 2000 and add 1 you’ll get the exact number of divisions per curve to get lengths of less than 2000 units:

ghquestion_stop dividing_Re.gh (30.0 KB)

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yes you’re right and I understood.
but in addition to that I want to visualize the division process with the slider increment. (some surfaces stopped dividing and the others divided furthermore.)

do you have any additonal suggestions?

to do that you could use a “Minimum” Component like this:

ghquestion_stop dividing_Re_Re.gh (29.9 KB)

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Thanks a lot:)